Hill Country Drives (and recently added Rocky Mountain Drives) was started in 2004 by a group of car enthusiasts who wanted an excuse to be enthusiastic about cars. We all had shiny new Vipers, Vettes and Lotuses, and wanted an excuse to drive them more often. We started getting together every few weeks to drive our cars through the Hill Country around town. Over time. we invited more friends to join us and eventually started planning routes and publishing information on a website. Today Hill Country Drives continues to evolve as we look for more ways to keep this fun for ourselves and our friends.

These days to group includes a variety of automobile makes and models, everything from exotics to sports sedans to muscle cars. Like the cars, our drivers themselves are highly varied. Some are relatively new to sports cars, while others have thousands of miles of experience on race tracks. Everyone is encouraged to drive at a pace that they feel comfortable with and is safe.

This is not a street racing club. We enjoy driving our sports cars at a brisk pace. Drivers who race, cross double-yellow lines, burn out, spew gravel onto their fellow drivers, act rudely or generally behave like jerks won’t be invited back. Instead we seek out challenging roads with minimal traffic and beautiful scenery. We’re fortunate to have a lot of that in Central Texas and Denver. Several times a year we’ll plan drives out to  various events.

The only way to get information on our drives is to join the mailing list, see “How to Join” for more inforamtion. We send out details on the meeting location and time about a week before each drive. Most drives start mid-morning, but we tend to move summer drives to cooler times of the day. The drives are typically between 100 and 150 miles round trip, with a few longer trips. We have route maps and/or navigator instructions at the meeting place, and we also make frequent stops to gathering the group back up. It is rare for anyone to get lost. Most drives have between 15 and 30 cars.

Hope to see you at the next drive,
Ray and Ryan