Welcome To Hill Country Drives & Rocky Mountain Drives

Fellow Driver,
Welcome to the Hill Country Drives website!!!  We have been doing regular  drives and events since 2004!  If there is a road in Central Texas, then you can bet we have driven it a few times 😉  And we are adding the Rocky Mountain region to our log book!
Each month or at least once a quarter we get together for an event that always promises to bring great memories and friendship to what would normally be a regular old Saturday or Sunday…heck just Google us and see what other folks have to say 🙂
Right now, this group of friends is invite only, simply so we can keep a close eye on our 4 wheeled investments and insure that we don’t get a 16 year old in daddy’s Vette who wants to ‘race’ eveyone on the drive and potentially hurt something or someone.  So, if you would like, just read the site and see how you can be invited next time 🙂
As usual, the next event promises to a great one and not dissapoint!  See you there!
Take care,
Ray and Ryan

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